What Customers Expect from Live Chat Service

If you already have an email service and a contact centre in place, is it really necessary to still spend some good money on a live chat service? To answer this question, let’s take a look at research results. According to the emarketer.com survey, 63 percent of customers say they are likely to return to a website that offers live support. Furthermore, 62 percent said they are more likely to do business with the site again. And 38 percent admitted that the live chat itself convinced them to make the purchase.

That’s how impactful live chat can be to your online business. There is no doubt that immediate support through live chat service can be a huge help in driving sales up and can contribute to repeat business. But why do customers prefer live chat anyway? Let’s look at the top 5 reasons.

Live chat is immediate.

People’s time is valuable, and customers may not be able to forgive you if you waste theirs. While it is true that they can get help over the phone or email their queries, customers know it will take time for them to get a response. And most of them do not have the patience to wait. They know how valuable their business is to you and they know it is you who needs to make the adjustment, not them.

Instead of waiting for the queue and listen to bad music or wait days for an email response, they would rather take the fastest route, and that is through live chat. This means, however, you must meet this expectation when you set up a live chat service. Handle backlogs and prepare your chat team for unexpected surges in volume.

It’s easy.

Customers find live chat easy to use. The technology is reliable and intuitive. They are provided with the option to adjust font size and even get a record of the conversation. Live chat also allows them to look at what the chat representative is referring to by co-browsing.

When you choose a service to sign up with, make sure such features are offered. The important thing here is to ensure the service is functional and that it is hassle free. Pop up chat boxes may also be a good idea in engaging the customers.

Live chat allows them to multitask.

live chat serviceWhen customers are on the phone, they have to stay with the phone. They are afraid to be rerouted to a different queue if they are not attentive. With live chat however, customers are given the opportunity to do multiple things simultaneously. They can browse other websites or check out social media while keeping the chat session open. Live chat does not really demand their undivided attention.

Through live chat, customers can avoid talking.

There are some things people want to keep private. And they feel more comfortable making an inquiry through a chat session rather than risk being overheard by other people when they have to do it on the phone. Privacy is a big deal and live chat allows customers to keep their business to themselves.

Customers prefer a real person.

Interaction is a basic human need, and live chat service is created to fill in this need. While it is true customers can get hold of real person over the phone, most of them get frustrated by the complicated menu system. Usually, it will take them a while before a real person answers. But with live chat, they can get a response almost immediately from a real live person, no robots, no numeric prompts and no recorded voices.

These are the top reasons why customers prefer live chat over other support services you may offer. Just remember that live chat services are not created equal. It is your job now to make sure these expectations are met by the live chat service you choose.

Why People Buy Twitter Followers: Its Benefits to Social Media Presence

Have you ever heard of the Buy Twitter Followers service?

Buying Twitter followers, believe it or not, is not something new. It’s been here for a long time and has been included by most online marketing teams in their campaign strategy. Here are three benefits that motivated people to buy Twitter followers.

1. Helps them gain popularity and authority.

twitterThe number one reason why there are people buying Twitter followers is the impression it gives. An increase in followers means they are credible in the niche they are into. They are seen as individuals who are liked and respected that other follow them and value what they have to say.

2. Provides them a kick start to gaining real followers.

While people may say this is socially unacceptable, buying Twitter followers can help gain real followers. The fake ones are to attract the real ones. The more followers you have the more Twitter will suggest you to people who are interested in the niche you are in. Those who saw the many followers you have will take you as a credible person and would want to follow you.

3. Increases your contents’ exposure.

Buying Twitter followers is just a kick start. As the number of followers increases, especially the real ones, your contents’ exposure increases too. It will be shared (retweeted) by your followers which also increase your chances of gaining additional followers. If you have a blog, or an e-commerce website, this is one of the best ways to promote it.

How to Buy Twitter Followers

Buying Twitter followers is easy and surprisingly pretty cheap. One site where you can get services that offers you an increase in Twitter followers is Fiverr.

Fiverr.com is a site where people place ads promoting the services they offer. One of these services is increasing your Twitter followers. You can get pretty good deals in this website. Buy Twitter Followers services can be as cheap as $5 only.

To search for such services in Fiverr, just type the keywords “Twitter followers.” You will be provided with a list of people offering this service. Some even posts how many followers they can get to follow you on Twitter.

The next step after gaining followers

Once you saw an increase in followers, the next step is to increase it more with real ones. Of course, the followers you bought were fake ones. The downside to it is that not all of them are really interested with what you offer. This decreases you chances of interacting with them.

The purpose of buying Twitter followers is to give you a social presence boost. However, it is not good to depend on this strategy to gain followers. To help you increase your Twitter followers naturally, here are some steps you can start with.

1. Post helpful tips. Post one tip per hour. Find articles from your website which can help you provide short hourly tips.

2. Post special offers. Twitter is a great media to promote your products. You can announce special offers to them and provide a link to the page that carries more information about it.

3. Share related content even if it’s not from your blog. While you may be in competition with another person or business, you still have to secure the value you present your followers. You must provide them with valuable information even if it’s not from your own website.

Buying Twitter followers was once a secret method used by social media marketers. At present, many businesses are more open to signing up for these services. If you are planning to buy Twitter followers remember to still continue gaining real ones. This will help you increase your social presence more.

Why You Need Professional Carpet Cleaning Services


A lot of people take their carpets for granted. Installing carpets can be very expensive, especially for offices, commercial areas and large floor areas of houses. They are being stepped on every day and basically absorb all the dirt from people’s footwear. It easily becomes the dirtiest place in a room, if not cleaned on a regular basis. For big rooms, cleaning carpets can be very exhausting. In this case, professional Henry country carpet cleaning can take action instead. Here are more reasons why teams who specialize in carpet cleaning should be hired.

cleanCarpets, although they all look similar, differ from the type of material that makes up their yarn and fabric. Surface differ as well as their thickness. By seeking help from professionals, you wouldn’t have to look for the various ways to clean specific types of carpet. With their knowledge and expertise, they can find the best cleaning material to use and the high end equipment to get rid of dirt.

If your carpet is filled with stains and bad odor, using home remedies to get rid of them can be harmful to your carpet. Some materials have components that can fade out the color of your carpet and make them crumbly. The only time you can wash it yourself safely is when the stain if still fresh. You shouldn’t hesitate to call for Henry County carpet cleaning to help you remove stains that have embedded into your carpet.

Professional Henry County carpet cleaning is perfect for individuals with very busy lifestyle. Those who couldn’t find time to regularly clean their carpets can benefit by outsourcing the cleaning service. Moody’s carpet cleaning can service a lot of areas around Henry County and can adjust to flexible schedules to adhere to the availability of the clients. Whether you want your carpets cleaned over the weekend or overnight, Moody’s can find a way to fit it into your schedule.

If you have kids, pets and elderly living with you, it is best to maintain a clean carpet at all times. Harmful pathogens, organisms and dust mites can thrive in between the yarns of your carpet. This can be very harmful to the bronchial health and can also lead to asthma. If your pets are not regularly groomed, some bugs and pet mites can even breed in your flooring. To prevent further health hazards, it is best to trust your carpet to Henry County carpet cleaning. These specialists have chemicals that can get rid of organisms and make your carpets kid-friendly. In Moody’s, they only use eco-friendly materials.

With professional Henry County carpet cleaning, they can easily find permanent solutions for your problem. Whether the recurring problem is about odor or worn out surface, Moody’s can provide all services for you. In case of minor cuts and dents, Moody’s can also do repair services. This way, you wouldn’t necessarily have to purchase an entire room replacement. They can make your old carpet good as new.

By letting them do the cleaning, you give yourself some time to relax. You wouldn’t have to spend all of your time in housekeeping and instead, use the weekend for leisure. Moody’s carpet cleaning has been a trusted name for decades. They handle area rugs, upholstery, commercial, residential and even worn out carpets. They only use environment friendly cleaning solutions for their services. Free quote can be given to clients and offers a lot of bulk discounts for huge areas. Moody’s also give out incentive for every individual referral for carpet cleaning services. If you know someone who needs their services, you can get discount and monetary compensation from it.

The Dummy’s Guide for Buying a TL-15 Safe

Investing in a safe is usually a very difficult and a very calculated decision. There are numerous factors to consider, as there are hundreds of models available from different manufacturers all throughout the country. However, there are some general guidelines on what to do before and during purchasing a safe.

Before buying a safe, a homeowner must first take time to familiarize themselves with their needs. As a safe may be considered a costly investment, a homeowner would probably not want to buy a safe that is unfit for their needs. As such, a homeowner would need to do some research regarding their home, the type of valuables the own, and the general environment of their neighborhood first.

TL 15 safesEven after familiarizing themselves with their needs and the various types of safes on offer, the homeowner must also determine if getting a safe the best type of option available to them. There might be other cheaper alternatives to getting a safe. These alternatives include keeping valuables in a bank deposit box, or ridding themselves unneeded valuables altogether, either by selling or giving them to relatives, etc.

When a homeowner finally decides to buy a safe, they must then keep in mind several factors. Firstly, the must look at a safe’s security ratings. Second, they must determine the locking mechanism they want. Third, they must determine size of safe they want. Lastly, they must also check out a safe and its customizability.


When buying a safe, a homeowner must always remember to take ratings into consideration. Ratings are very important, as it details a safe’s ability to stall burglars. While TL-15 safes are rated for 15 minutes of break-in time, they may have differing fire ratings. A $1,500 TL-15 fire-resistant safe rated at 1 and ½ hours, 250 degrees is cheaper than the $2,000 TL-15 safe rated at 3 hours, 150 degrees Fahrenheit. However, the safe with the better fire rating would be the better investment, especially in homes with fire-vulnerable valuables such as important documents.


Homeowner’s must also determine the locking mechanism they desire for their safe to possess. TL-15 safes normally feature two kinds of locks, a combination dial and a 4-combination electronic keypad lock. Both kinds of locks are not fool-proof and can still be cracked. However combining both types of locks into a hybrid mechanism safe increases the security exponentially. It also increases the time needed for a burglar to break the said lock.


Due to their steel construction, all safes are heavy. Safes also always emphasize durability over portability. Even the smallest of safes usually weigh several hundred pounds. Some may even weigh upwards of a thousand pounds. A safe’s size is largely dependent on the desired location of the safe. If a homeowner wishes to place the safe in the upper floors or the attic of a home, then it may be wise to opt for a smaller, lighter safe. If the location is within the basement, then the heaviest and most durable of safes is the best option.


Another factor which homeowners must consider when investing in a safe is its customizability. If a safe can be customized by the manufacturer then it may be able to present a different and tougher challenge for a burglar. A customized TL-15 safe with a hybrid electronic keypad-combination dial locking mechanism is obviously more secure than a factory standard version with only a combination dial as a lock.


Following these tips would likely give a homeowner sufficient knowledge when purchasing a safe. The only thing left to probably consider is the price. However, purchasing a safe is usually considered to be a long-term investment. Hence, it would probably make more sense if an owner chooses the best one for his or her needs, regardless of the price.

The Ball and the Club: The Fundamental Pair in Golf

The sport of Golf entails using a number of equipment for a full and enjoyable game. A golfer especially the serious and professional one, understands how carrying certain golf equipment could actually improve one’s game play. However, for those who would like to try their hand in golf, they should first know the basic golf equipment before delving into the optional ones.

Golf Balls

Golf balls are the primary golf equipment one should be familiar with if you are interested in the prestigious sport that is golf. From the name itself, a golf ball is a ball used in playing golf. This tiny ball with small grooves covering the surface, normally white, is just about 45.93 grams and has a least allowable diameter of 42.67 mm.

There are different kinds of balls used in golf. These balls could be classified according to golf player expertise. For a normal golf player, someone who every now and then plays golf mostly for reasons that involve personal or casual business leisure, the best choice would be the recreational ball.

Then, there are special balls called practice balls or range balls, created for people who are still learning the art of playing golf. They have smaller flight and have below average hitting characteristics, best for players who have yet to learn how to control their swing speed. These are heavy-duty and resilient. These balls are priced even lower than the recreational balls.

On the other end of the expertise spectrum, there is a different set of golf balls for the professional players, especially those who join competitions and are highly skilled in this sport. This set is called the advanced golf balls. Being multilayer, these balls require higher swing speed and strength so that the golf player could optimize the ball’s flight capabilities. In addition, these balls have greater spin characteristics and are significantly more expensive than a standard golf ball.

cgc-1Golf Clubs

The clubs are the equipment used to hit the ball into the hole; the club is made up of three parts. The part where the player grasps the club to swing it is called the grip. The materials used to make the grip are typically leather, synthetic, or rubber.

After the grip is the shaft. This second part of the club is the tube linking the grip and the club head, the third part. Normally, this is made of metal, like titanium or even steel, though there are also shafts made of graphite.

The final fragment of the golf club is the club head. This is the most vital part of the club as this decides what category the golf club would be placed. Different clubs are created and numbered depending on how far they could make a golf ball fly. In fact, each club has its own number depending on the distance it can make the ball fly. To understand the numbers, it should be noted that the larger the number is, the shorter distance it could cover. The same goes for the opposite; the smaller the numbered club is, the farther it could make the ball fly.

The club generally seen in a typical golf setting is the putter. This club head has a range of sizes but normal one is around 35 inches. The learned player knows that the putter is generally created to be used when the ball lands in the green and is a short distance from the hole. Since the putter drives the ball at the shortest distance out of all the clubs, this golf equipment would work best when the set up requires the golf player to roll the ball into the hole.

Mister for Humans and Pets

Most people are intrigued by misting fans. The mechanism of the fan’s cooling system is actually quite simple. First of all, it requires a steady supply of water that is connected to the fan’s high-pressure pump. Once the pressure has reached at least 1000 psi, the water is then converted into a fine mist that is released through the mister. This mist is spread throughout a wide area by the fan. One advantage of using a misting fan is that it is cost-efficient. Misting fans cost a lot less than air-conditioners and consume less electricity than air-conditioners as well.

Many consumers believe that misting fans are only effective for the cooling needs of humans. But this is not the case. Newer models have been re-designed in order to make the mister compatible for use on pets. Global warming has made the earth hotter than it used to be. This is an undeniable fact. Another fact that cannot be disputed is that intense heat affects plants and animals as much as humans. As a matter of fact, dogs that live in hot temperatures often experience various cases of skin disease that is caused by the heat. Some may also shed their furs to such an extent that they may appear bald in some places.

The effect of heat in animals is one of the reasons why misting fans have been modernized. Many misting fans are now customizable in order to fit the specific needs of pets. A mister can now be installed in areas where pets live, such as the barn or the kennel runs. Since misting fans are built to last, pet owners can expect their pets to live a more comfortable lifestyle for many years without suffering from heat-induced diseases. However, before installing the fan, experts recommend that pet owners check with their veterinarians first just to make sure that their pets aren’t susceptible to any side effects from the mist or the humidity. The visit to the vet is especially recommended for pets that are in their old age already.

For those who are interested in buying a mister or two for their home and outdoor use, they can actually browse on the internet for some of the best prices and products to choose from. Many online stores sell fans from various manufacturers and provide discounts such as free shipping for bulk orders or for other types of orders. There are also direct websites for misting fan manufacturers to go to. These websites provide more information about the products. Customers can also reach the manufacturer through toll-free numbers that are often listed on the home page and at the top of every other page on the site.

Aside from home use, a mister can also be installed for use in the following settings:

Restaurants with outdoor tables
Resorts and other outdoor leisure parks
Public pools
Camp sites

Misting fans are not only useful for humans and their pets. It can also be found in greenhouses to provide much-needed humidity for plants that do not thrive in hot temperatures.

Maintenance of misting fans is not as difficult as the maintenance involved with air-conditioning units. Parts and products of the fans can be bought at a much lower price than spare parts for air-conditioners. Misting fans also come with at least two spare nozzles that can be used for replacing the currently installed nozzles in case of any damage. In case the nozzles are all used up, spares can be bought at only twelve to fifteen dollars. In case other parts of the fan need to be replaced, home owners do not have to shell out too much funds since even the fan blades can be bought at about 20-30 dollars.

Author Bio:

Auramist the leading manufacturer and provider of the highest quality Misting fans, Mister and innovative cooling Fans. Auramist misting fans are equipped with cutting-edge technology with 75 patents. You can trust the Auramist brand to keep you cool and comfortable in your home or on your patio.

Advantages of Treadmill Desks

More and more people, especially those people who work in their offices for 6 to 8 hours a day, turn to treadmill desks to help them stay in shape without having to give up the quality of work that has been associated with them. In fact, some testimonials and feedback even said that the quality of work they have been doing has increased since using these treadmill desks.

Treadmill desks allow you to work and exercise at the same time. This solves health issues in the workplace.One of the main reasons for employees’ health problems is due to the fact that when they are in their offices, they do not have much activity that involves whole body movement. Overtime, this inactivity affects the body and before you know it, you will be plagued with various health issues. These specialized desks give you a chance to move and get your blood flowing much like what happens when you are walking.

According to Avner Ben-Ner, a professor at the University of Minnesota, “you get more oxygen and it increases the ability to think.” Just the simple act of walking, even during at work gives you the benefits that the said exercise entails. It gives you a better chance to live longer because it helps fight off cancer from developing inside your body. It also helps reduce weight build-up and helps in losing weight.

treadmill deskAnother benefit you can enjoy from using these treadmill desks is that it helps relieve stress. Technically, it is the walking that does the trick but you do the walking through these improvised desks. Being able to take advantage of this technology not only helps everyone who uses this in keeping their body shape in check but also helps ward off unwanted complications and health-related problems that can be gained by sitting all day or having to stay still for straight hours a day, every day.Having these convenient walks allows you to stay away from conditions like diabetes, heart diseases, obesity and more nasty illnesses.

One of the issues associated with the renowned treadmill desks is the question of how much help it would do for the office and/or the company. Aside from the fact that it keeps their employees alive and kicking, studies and researches have shown that employees who were able to acquire this particular desk were able to produce a much higher quality of work. It is probably brought about by the benefit of having more blood circulate through the brain which allows more thoughts and clearer ideas.

In the beginning, which is the adjustment period, the employees had a rough time trying to incorporate the task of writing while walking since they are not accustomed to it yet. However, within a reasonable span of time, they were able to get back to the level of expected output they used to produce. These employees were eventually able to surpass this output.

Investing in these desks is also healthy not only for the physical aspect of the employees but also for their emotional aspect. With all the deadlines knocking at their door, rushed projects screaming in their ears, horrible co-workers eating through their sanity and demanding heads who expect them to do more, the workplace has understandably earned the spot as one of the least favorite places for employees.

The highly stressful work environment can be made more appealing with the use of these innovative desks. They are effective, budget-friendly, and space saving. These desks do not take up much space and can be incorporated in almost all offices. Now, the only question is that how much offices are willing to invest in order to help their employees be healthy.

4 SEO Tips For Video Marketing You Need To Know

One of the many branches of internet marketing today is that of video engagement. If you’re not working with video of any kind, you are missing out on a captive audience of millions of people across the world. If you have a smartphone right now, than you have a video camera that you can use to record just about anything you want. This may sound difficult, but with a few apps and a little bit of time, you could have a viral video on your hands and not even know it. Of course, if you don’t want to work on video marketing by yourself, you could definitely hire one of the many SEO services that are out there and see a major amount of traffic going to your site. Once you have your video and you’re ready to upload, consider the following 4 tips for maximum search engine optimization.

Tip #1 – Name Your Video With Optimization in Mind

Don’t just call your video file “video1” orSEO Tips anything generic like that. Many people don’t realize how important naming conventions are. The major reason why you need a relative naming convention is so that you can remember what your video file is about. If you save your files in a folder and you’ve named them with generic titles, you could end up losing out big time. Imagine a folder with 50 video files and they are called by numbers or anything like that. It would be very confusing to go back and find something, but more importantly, the same thing happens to search engines. If you’re uploading video content and the source file is not named correctly, you could lose out on a bit of optimization.

Tip #2 – Title Your Video With Buzzwords

Before you title your video on any website, make sure that you look at the top videos that are being heralded with hits. Look at the buzzwords that are being used, such as high definition, and other things. You want to stand out so keep in mind the titles of the top videos that are being viewed right now. Using just that, you will end up getting some ideas on how to name your site, and that will help you get more attention over time. Do not skip this step, or you could end up missing out. Don’t steal someone’s title conventions, but take the buzzwords and make them your own.

Tip #3 – Label Your Video With Keywords and Relevant Information

In the label section, tag your video with things that are related to your video, but do not overstuff the keywords. Find the best options and then use them. If you are given suggestions from the site, take them with care, and don’t overdo it here. You do not need 200 labels, you simply need a few. Take for instance, the top 10 labels and use them to your advantage.

Tip #4 – Make Sure Your Description is Filled Out Completely

The description of your video is very important. Make sure that you write a good description, and make it longer than a few words. If you have uploaded a video that contains music, images or anything from an outside source, cite the source. Also, make sure that you link your home page within the description as well. You don’t need to post a full article, but try to create 200 words that will help describe your video properly.

The aforementioned tips can be taken to any major video website and used for the promotional consideration of your videos. Do not miss out on these tips, or you could find that your video is nowhere to be found. When it comes to video marketing, you are doing more than just trying to vet SEO, so don’t hastily add videos.